To live is Christ

Don't know why I felt so sad tonight. Attended service alone and was prayed over for healing. I wonder if God has really healed me since the intercessor released the word "healing" to me. I've heard so many promises of healing over me all these years but they never happen, yet I hear of so many people around me being miraculously healed. God is so unpredictable. But it could have happened as well. Who knows.

I really don't know what to feel. I'm mostly dead, but I know that tiny spark of hope still lingers deep within me.


I'm glad to say that I've finally settled everything I need to settle here.

So now...

I'm ready to leave Singapore in 2 weeks time.

This time, I don't know when I'll be back. Could be a few months, could be a year, nobody knows. But there's one thing I know - my life is gonna change forever. I will be a new person when I come back.

This blog is just for unwinding my thoughts as I dive into this unknown journey. It is important to me so I wanna pen it all down.

Meanwhile I'm left with 2 weeks here so... I'll try to spend it in the best way possible :')

Chua daphne

26 June